220lb Digital Electronic HVAC Refrigerant Charging Weighing Weight Scale w/ Case

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Digital Refrigerant scale utilize he most technologically advanced refrigerant meter today and are ideal for HVAC and refrigeration systems. The weight can be measured in standard or metric units. The unit have a a built in alarm to indicate the measurement has been exceeded.

•  High visiblility LCD Display
•  Three Units of measure options (kg/oz/lbs)
•  Backlight for the display
•  Automatic Shut off after 10 minutes of non-use; back light shut off not use for 3 minutes
•  Compact Portable battery operated design
•  "FULL" Display when the weight exceeds the specified range


•  Range of Weight: 0.000-100.000kg or 0.000-220.000lbs
•  Accuracy: +0.5% of reading  Resolution: 5g/0.01 IB
•  Power Supply: 9VDC
•  Operating Temp: 32F to 122F (0°C To 50 °C)
•  Platform Size: 9″x 9″ 223*223mm
•  Weight: 33.3Kg