1000W Double End DE Fixture Commercial Grow Light With Dimmable Digital Ballast and Bulb

Item#: DE1000WHPS
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Full fixture for 1000 W double ended lamps, including
high-efficiency horticultural reflector and 1000W Double end Bulb 
● No acoustic resonance; more than 8% grow
light compared to traditonal lamps
● Light maintains >95% luminosity after 5,000 hours
● Output adjustable to 600, 750, 1000 or 1150 Watts
● Ballast can run on 120-240 V and 240-277 V
power sources
Longer10-ft power cord facilitates adjustment Included is a 220v Cord Plug 
● Open design for maximum light output, optimum heat
management, and longer lamp life

Less Heat than Traditional HPS lamps