10" x 24" Hydroponics Activated Carbon Air Odor Control Filter

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Carbon Filter 10" x 24" (850 CFM) w/ Pre Filter and Flange

10" x 24" Carbon filters works with almost any in line duct fans in the current market. Core filtration materials are made from low density virgin carbon. Virgin carbon is machine-packed to ensure 100% airflow. A 50mm carbon bed is placed between an inner and outer mesh that provides 53% open area to increase air flow and reduce dust, odor, organic and foreign particles. Cylindrical shape of the filter maximizes efficiency of the carbon bed. Switchable filter flange and base is designed to prolong the lifetime of this carbon filter. The aluminum flange and base greatly reduces the weight of the whole filter. Every carbon filter also comes with a Velcro-Prefilter. Diameter is aprox 14"