6" Carbon Filter Inline Fan Air Blower Speed Controller Hydroponic Odor Scrubber

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This combo special 6" Inline Duct Fan w/speed controller and /Blower & Activated Carbon Air Filter can eliminate odors, filter particulates and purify air efficiently. With 100% of the coconut shell carbon element utilization and 400 CFM airflow rate, this combo makes the living environment of you and your plants cleaner and fresher. If you are suffering from stale air condition and tired of gardening with organic fertilizer, sprays, odor gels or even incense, get this combo and you will be set free from the fidgets referred above. Safe and environmental friendly

Features Include:


  • 6" Fan Blower: 440 CFM - 2600 RPM - 120 Volt /60 Hertz - 115 Watt
  • Efficient and quiet air movement for inline ventilation projects.
  • Curved blades provide impressive air power
  • Requires no maintenance due to lubricated ball bearing motors.
  • Minimal vibration and noise generation.
  • Mounting brackets included
  • 14"(H) x 11" (W) x 8"

6" Flange Carbon Air Filter for Hydroponics

  • Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter
  • 52mm thick carbon layer
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Safe and Effective Operation
  • Cotton Filter Pad
  • Aprox 20" Long  over all Diameter 8"
Variable Speed Controller


  • Three settings include off, on (full) and variable. Simple use the dial to increase or decrease fan motor speed. 120 volt/15 amps.

Activated Carbon Filter:

  • Light weight and more practical.
  • Superior small hole construction.
  • High-performance sorption.
  • Large specific surface area.
  • High adsorption capacity.
  • Adsorb particulate faster and more effectively than other carbon.
  • 950 high iodine adsorption value, much stronger adsorbing ability.
    • Iodine adsorption value is a performance parameter of activated carbon.
    • The higher iodine adsorption value, the stronger adsorbing ability.
    • With the same iodine value, the filtering effect of coconut shell active carbon is the best.
  • 53% open hole area by professional design to allow more air flow to get through.