Automotive Quick Cylinder Compression Pressure Tester Tuner Most Vehicles Test

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Item#: compression-tester-cylinder-0011
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Features Include:

Complete fule pump and vacuum gauge tester. Test Fuel Pressure On Mechanical & Electric Fuel Pumps. It will also Diagnose Improper Timing, Burned Or Stuck Valves, Leaking Manifold, Improper Fuel Mixture, Sticking Choke & More. It Includes Rubber Hose & Brass Fittings For Compatibility With Most Cars.

  • Quickly test cylinder pressure
  • Test output pressure from 0-300 psi
  • push button pressure release
  • 2-1/2" diameter gauge with Heavy Rubber Jacket to protect Against Impact and Grease & Grime
  • Heavy Duty 6" Rubber Hose
  • Works on most vehicles