Self Priming Automatic Shower Washing Machine Water Booster Pump Stainless Pump

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Auto pressure booster pump  for household cold/ hot water supply or circulation, it is fixed with automatic switch. 

250 GPH Stainless Pump Continuous Duty Motor  Quiet running low noise
Low Energy Consumption High Efficiency and low cost maintenance 



1) Motor shell: Stainlesss

2) Motor wire: copper

3) Pump body:brass

4) Impeller: brass

5) Shaft: stainless steel



1) Size, pipe connection: 1" or with adapter 3/4" 

2) Max. operating pressure:  aprox 87PSI (6bars)

3) Pressure stage, pipe connection:3/4" 


Flow and head:

1) Max. flow: 16L/min or  4 GPM  

2) Max. head: 32FT 



1) Power input max.: 90W

2) Mains frequency: 60Hz

3) Rated voltage: 110V

4) Max. current: 0.9A


3" Diameter 


Can used for household water heater tank or solar water heater for improving pressure for showering , 

For use in Pond or Fish tank to supply fresh oxygen avoid water contamination

Increase Domestic water circulating system