New Automatic Water Pump Pressure Controller Electronic Pressure Switch.14PSI

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1 Rated voltage: 110V-120V or 220V-240V

(2) Maximum current: 10A
3 Frequency: 50/60Hz
4 Tap Screw: 1 "
5 of protection: IP65
6 Select the starting pressure: 1.5bar or 2.

7 Maximum allowable pressure: 10bar
8 Maximum ambient temperature: 60 °C


1. used in water systems electronic pressure switch.
2.When the pressure becomes weak (faucet open) when the corresponding open pump, or the maximum pressure in the pump under the standard, when the water flow stops (taps closed) when the pump shut down accordingly.
3 .threaded connection: R1 "external thread.
4 .replaced by a pressure switch, pressure tank, check valves and other components of the traditional pump control system.
5. can automatically stop the pump dry.
6. users can request configuration.

7. Application: pump, jet pump, garden pump, water pump, etc.
8. Features: The pump automatic controller is fully electronic intelligent pump control equipment according to the detected water state, water pipes and pipe pressure change data to start and stop the pump. Can completely replace a pressure tank, pressure switch, water protection device, such as the four-way valve consisting of traditional systems. electrified parts and pipes complete isolation and high tightness control box so that the controller has the traditional unmatched security, integration is designed so that when you install can save more time and materials.


1.automatic start and stop the pump

2 pump water protection

3 automatic detection

Pressure switch requirements of this paragraph: The pump must be installed 200w or more, before they can lift 20 meters above the normal use!

Special note: The installed more than 30 of the lift pump 350W for the best installation configuration.