1HP Shallow Jet Booster Water Pump w/ Stainless Pressure Tank Sprinkler Home

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    • Electric Shallow water pump Suction Height 26ft 793 Gallon Per Hour
    • Transfer water from wells, up moderate slopes and to the upper stories of buildings.
    • Stainless steel tank & hose, ,Steel pressure tank with gauge
    • Self-priming, Thermal protection
    • 19" x 13 " x 25 " (L x W x H) approx 
    -Self-priming jet water pumps with a very high hydraulic performance and a considerable pressure capacity.
    -Booster system with pressure tank.
    -Quiet, reliable, and particularly Suitable to increase pressure from a water system, to supply water from wells and in domestic high pressure groups.


  • 1 HP
  • 115V 60Hz
  • Auto Booster Pump with pressure meter
  • Max Pump Rate 793 GPH
  • Max Head 114 ft
  • Max Suction Height 26ft
  • Max pressure 51 PSI (3.5Bar) 
  • 1"Brass Innet/outlet
  • 6.5 Gal Stainless Steel Tank
  • Built in Pressure Meter 0-80PSI
  • Remove-able & Wash-able for filtering leave , sand, dirt