220V MIG 135 Flux Core Welder Dual Function Gas or No Gas Welding

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  • Mig 135 Welding machine is For mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Weld with gas or perform flux cored gasless operations. Set up for flux core welding to start.


     MIG/MAG Gas-Protecting Welding Machine is the light welding machine which is designed and produced according to the manufacturing standards EN60974-1, with Single Phase input voltage and DC output current. It is mainly used for the welding of metal materials such as aluminum, low carbon steel, low alloy stee, and stainless steel. It features high production efficiency, strong anti-rust capability and non-cleaning for the slag.
    It can adopts the half-automactic welding method. Apart from the CO2 Gas Welding, it can also be used for the welding of non-Gas protection Flux welding wire. It can be use either CO2 Gas protection weldering wire or Flux welding wire.
    This welding machine adopts the structure of the transformer with taps, with the embedded integrated wire feeder and wire disk. it belongs to the constand-voltage type and the continuance rate of rated load is 10%

    • Technical Specifications:

      • Current Range(A): 30-120
      • Rate Input: 220V, Phase 1, Freq= 60Hz, Current 24A
      • Max Output: 120A, 20V, 34VAC
      • Rated Output: 60A, 17V
      • input Capacity: 4.5KW
      • Rate Duty Cycle(%): 15-120A; 35-80A
      • Welding Wire(mm): 00.6 - 0.9mm
      • Class of Insulation: H
      • Welding ThickNess 3/8in to 1/4inches
      • Weight: 55lbs
      • 17" x 9" x 12" (L x W x H )


      • Single-Phase, DC, Portable, Fan Cooled, Thermostaic Protection
      • Suit with Flux(no Gas) welding wire or With gas MIG/MAG Welding wire
      • Adjustable Auto Feeding function
      • Completely with Flux welding accessories: MIG torch, Earch Clamp, Welding Cable, Brush/Hammer, Limited Warranty 90 days
      • Overheating light
      • 220V plug does not included.
      • Gas Gauge, Hose, or Tank is not included in this auction.

    The welder has a transformer that converts the power to DC, and 50 or 60 Hz input makes no difference. 

    Color May vary


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