Auto Pilot Hydroponic Greenhouse CO2 Generator LP GAS 4 Burner 11,176BTU Burners

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CO2 Generator main uses in plant vegetables and hydroponic plants, increase CO2 content for all planting in greenhouse. This CO2 Generator produces 3 to 13 cubid feet per hour, suitable for uses under the 3200Cube feet space(aprox). With Ignition mode is automatic It will ignite automatically in sudden flameout situation. WHen Ignite unsuccessfully, the solenoid valve can automatically prevent the gas from leaking out. This CO2 generator can only work with Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) only. If for Natural Gas operation need a special adaptor.(not included)


  • Power Supply adapter.
  • Regulator w/hose 12ft
  • Steel Chain and hanger

17"x11"x8.5"  (HxWxL)