120v 240v Electric Box w/ 8 Outlet HID Light 24hour Timer Controller hydroponic

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This Controller is designed for operating HID lighting Systems The controller will run your lights for any sequence over a 24hour period. 
  • This controller will run (8) HID lights at 240 Volts or 120 Volts for 6 HID light  - Maximum 8000 
    Watts. Each Outlet can handle 1000W. Keep in mind maximum amperage is 50amp for all 8 outlet. 
  • Two Extra 120V Outlet
  •  24 hour timer with 15 minute non-detachable setting tabs.
  •  120 Volt accessory timed outlet to activate in-line fans to cool your 
  • On/Off switch that makes lamp replacement easy.
  • 240 Volts/50 Amps/60 Hz.
*****maximum amperage is 50amp for the 8 Outlet. 
**** Does not come with any Power Cord. 
*** Professinal Electrician Installation recommended.