8" x 40" 1100CFM Hydro Air Carbon Filter Odor Control Scrubber Inline Exhaust

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  • Constructed with aluminium body &  thick carbon layer, our 8" Flange Carbon Air Filter can effectively eliminate odors, filter particulates and purify the air to provide both you and your plants with clean and fresh environment if in conjunct use with 8" vortex blower. Instead of leaving the bottom section unused and wasted, it utilizes 100% of the carbon element. 
    So if you are suffering from stale air condition and tired of gardening with organic fertilizer, sprays, odor gels or even incense, this real activated carbon filter is surely your optimal choice with 18 month life expectancy of continuous use!


    • 8" Flange
    • Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter
    • Maintenance Free Design
    • Safe and Effective Operation
    • Cotton Filter Pad
    • Pre-filter Included


    • Australian Carbon Charcoal 
    • Flange Diameter: 8"
    • Height: 40"
    • Carbon Height: 38"
    • Width: 11"
    • Carbon Thickness: 2"
    • Maximum Airflow: 1100 CFM
    • Carbon Volume: 2511 Cubic Inches
    • Carbon Rating: RC-48
    • Iodine Absorption: 1050mg/g