Dimmable 600W Digital Ballast + HPS + MH Bulbs + Reflector Grow Light System Kit

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This is selling latest 600W High Pressure Sodium HPS & MH Grow Light System  for growth green plate & flower in one price, which is complete set included digital ballast, reflector, HPS bulb, MH Bulb, timer, yoyo hanger & socket cord set.

Package Includes:

  • 600W HPS Bulb 600W MH Bulb 600W Digital Electronic Ballast Air Cooled Reflector Hood Ceramic Socket 1 Set Hi-Low Yoyo Reflector Hanging kit
  • 24 HoursTimer

600W High Pressure Sodium Bulb

  • Power: 600 watts (High efficiency) Expected Life Span: 24,000 hours Lumen: 50,000 lumens Color Temperature: 2,000K Contains more red spectrum, which is best for flowering. Uses for all standard 600 watts HPS grow light systems
  • Uses for the fruitingflowering

600W  Metal Halide Bulb

  • Power: 600 watts (High efficiency) Expected Life Span: 24,000 hours Lumen: 45,000 lumens Color Temperature: 4,000K Uses for all standard 600 watts MH grow light systems
  • Uses for Green Plant, vegetable


UL Listed Dimmable 600W Digital Electronic Ballast:

  • Dimmable 600 watts Built-in cooling fans Built-in standard reflector interface Fit for 600 watts High Pressure Sodium Lamps or 600 watts Metal Halide Lamps FCC,  CE & CSA Certificate Reset-able circuit breaker for short circuit protectionLow Noise Completely silent and lightweight. Extreme 99.9% power efficiency.
  • Rated Power: 600 watts
  • Specified Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Working Voltage Range: 120V/240V
  • Line Current: 120V/ 5.4Amp   240V/ 2.6Amp
  • Imax:6.7Amp, PF:
  • Dimmable Switch:100%, 75% 50%
  • With a 7ft. power cord to wall (US standard plug)

Reflector Hood:

  • Air cooling Assemble Lighting built-in socket & lamp cord
  • Oversize aluminum reflector designed excellent for large growing areas
  • Dimensions: 19.5in.(L) x 15(W) x 6.5in.(H)

Ceramic Socket:

  • Detachable durable ceramic socket Easy to install if you need to change your reflector Ceramic socket should be used with ballast for steady power supply.
  • With a 15ft power cord


  • 24 hour cycle 15 amps / 1725 watts / 115-120 volts 15 minute On/Off
  • Plugs directly into wall outlet