6" Air Cooled Cool Tube Wing Reflector Hood Light Fixture 4 Hydro Grow Tent Room

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  • Cool tube design for best air cooling
  • Top quality Pyrex Glass tube
  • All Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
  • Removable extended wings for lighting controlling (assembling required)
  • Multi-surface large reflector with extra wings to reflect most light to your plants
  • Internal and External Reflectors included.  They are made from highly polished and textured aluminum (95%+ reflective) for maximum light output without "hot-spots"
  • Standard 6" air vent fits to 6" exhaust fan system(NOT included) and fits to any grow tents
  • Tempered glass Tube with exhaust fan(NOT included) can deflate heat for plants not need much heat
  • BUILT IN 5KV Pulse Rated Mogul Socket fits H.I.D. lamps/bulbs. with 15ft long cord

You could up-grade your light system up to 1,000 watts just by replacing the bulb and the matchable ballast.

  • Overall Dimensions: 27in.(L) x 6in.(Diameter)
  • Glass Dimensions: 18in.(L)
  • Extended Reflective Wings Dimensions: 2x 19.5in.(L) x 3in.(W)