4pc Inner Tie Rod Removal Installation Set Mechanics Kit Dual Tie Rod Auto Tools

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  • Designed to remove and install inner tie rod without removing steering gear.
  • Adapters fit into the tie rod socket 1/2" drive ratchet fits drive end.
  • Kit services both old and new style inner tie rods.
  • Use 520 socket alone to work on older Ford and Chrysler vehicles.
  • Use socket and 30mm adapter for Ford FWD vehicles with new style tie rods.
  • Use socket and 34mm adapter for Ford RWD and most Chrysler vehicles with racks and pinion power steering with new style tie rods.
  • The socket with the 36mm adapter services GM and Chrysler cars with Saginaw in steering gear.
  • Dual tie rod tools: 1-3/16" & 1-5/16" or 1-5/16".
  • Storage case included.

Includes 3 adapters:

    • 1-3/16", 1-5/16", 1-7/16" in, 1-5/16" hex.