18pc Radiator Pump Pressure cooling Leak Tester Checker Kit Cap Pump Thermometer

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  • This radiator pressure tester helps find internal and external leaks in your cooling system! 

    This radiator pressure tester kit includes 8 radiator cap adapters to service 
    your vehicle should you find a leak and is ideal for any car enthusiast or automotive professional! 

    Included a Pump with gauge For testing automotive pressurized cooling systems up to 35 PSI 
    Has 8 radiator cap adapters for servicing most domestic and import vehicles 
    Large volume pump capacity reduces strokes required to pressurize cooling systems 
    Self-locking quick-disconnect components 
    Thumb-operated relief valve for convenient pressure release 

    Adapter: For use with Skoda , SAAB , 
    Ford , Daewoo , Audi A4, A5, A6. 

    Adapter: For use with Skoda , 
    Seat , Audi , Opel , V.W. , Ford . 

    Adapter: For use with Seat , 
    ALFA Romeo , Audi , B.M.W. 

    Adapter: For use with 
    Rover , B.M.W. 

    Adapter: For use with Rover , 
    Opel , Volvo , Citron , 
    Renault , Fiat , Peugeot . 

    Adapter: For use with Lancia , 
    Volvo , Rover , Renault , 
    Peugeot , Opel , Honda , 
    Fiat , Citroen , Audi , V.W . 

    Adjustable Stationary Seat 
    to include: Toyota , Suzuki , 
    Nissan , Mitsubishi , Mercedes , 
    Chrysler , Citroen 

    50mm Seat: Use with item 8 above 
    (Adjustable Stationary Seat) for 
    Japanese cars, European car series. 

    35mm Seat: for 
    Japanese car series, European cars to 
    include: Suzuki , Nissan , Mitsubishi , 
    Chrysler , Citroen , Mercedes . 

    27mm Seat: 
    for Japanese cars, European cars: 
    Toyota , Suzuki , Nissan .

17pc kit set + Carrying Case.