17PCS Metric Bushing Driver Set Components Remove Install Bushings 10mm to 42mm

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Enables you to remove and install bushings ranging from 10mm to 42mm in diameter, as used import cars, trucks, tractors, construction equipment, electric motors, and many other components having bushings. 

The aluminum construction won't mar the bushing or affect bushing tolerance, which is critical for efficient operation of the engine, transmission, and hubs. 

  • Kit includes 3 aluminum handles
  • Kit includes 14 aluminum metric bushing adapters
  • Metric kit for Motorcycles, Asian and European vehicles
  • Aluminum construction will not mar surface or affect bushing tolerance to ensure engine, transmission or hub performance
  • Saves the technician time with precise fit adapters

17 piece tool kit for Motorcycles, Asian and European vehicles 



  • Includes large, medium, and small driver handles with nuts; fourteen bushing adapters
  • 10-12 mm 
  • 14-16 mm 
  • 15-17 mm 
  • 16-18 mm 
  • 18-20 mm 
  • 20-22 mm 
  • 22-24 mm
  • 25-27 mm 
  • 28-30 mm 
  • 30-34 mm 
  • 32-36 mm 
  • 35-40 mm 
  • 38-42 mm
  • blow-molded storage case