Diesel Injector Nozzle Pop Pressure Tester Dual Read Bar/PSI Gauge S60H W/Filter

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Diesel Care and Performance is pleased to introduce a industrial grade injector pop tester. This has a 0-8000 psi gauge for handling the later model higher popping pressures. This item is great as a shop tool for troubleshooting mechanical injectors, or setting the injectors after rebuild. This kit is comes with two of the most popular lines. It can be bench mounted in most any location, and is made to last. 



PS-400A type diesel fuel injector tester is a special instrument for the operation test of diesel engine. It is suitable for following performance tests.
1.initiatve injecting press of injector
2.sound of needle valve vibration
3.spraying shape
4.sealing function of needle valve and nozzle body mating pair
5.sealing function in response to press


  •  Brand New. May have Fuel Odor 
  • Semi Transparent fuel container with a 5 micron genuine Bosch filter.
  • Three way shut off valve.
  • Brass Bourdon tube Pressure gauge - 100 mm Dial, 3/8 " BSP thread Dual Scale Gauge                     Range:0 - 60 Mpa & 0 - 8000 PSI (See image 2 Above)
  • 2 High pressure pipes 'A' and 'B' type with m.m. size nuts (12 X 1.5) and (14 X 1.5) for connections