6V 12V Volt 2AMP & 6AMP Dual Battery Charger

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Low amperage charger is an ideal way to maintain a battery's charge for people who don't use their vehicle everyday, who go short distances, or who do lots of stop-and-go driving. It can also be used to charge small batteries for ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and lawn tractors, or even for batteries that have a long storage time. In cold climates, they're indispensable for keeping batteries warm overnight and ready for starting.

  • For 12 Volt battteries
  • input of 110v ac/60hz 1.3amps
  • Output of 6 AMP for most auto RV and Commercial Application charging
  • OutPut of 2 AMP at 12v DC for Motorcyles
  • Charging Level Battery Condition gauge
  • Over charging Protection
  • Power Cord 6-1/2ft 18AWG 2 Prong Grounded plug
  • 6ft long charging cable 16AWG