Hydraulic Bead Breaker Changer 4 Tractor Truck Tire W/Hydraulic Foot Pump & Hose

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Item#: CP331610-COMBO-BLUE
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  • Hydraulic bead breaker delivers 10,000 lbs. of pure muscle to break beads smoothly
  • Works on any 1, 2 and most 3 piece  2-5-10 hole budd and all tubeless truck tires rims, including some new style wheels
  • Breaks beads in seconds using 10,000 lbs of force
  • No screws, bolts, or attachment
  • Not for use in 5 piece rims. 
  • Uses any 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Pump
  • Self-retracting 
  • working range up to 5" 
  • Can be used on vehicle with wheel still on
Air Hydraulic Foot Pump. 
  •  Pressure Range: 40-150psi (2.8 to 10.3Bar)
  •  Max Pressure 10,000psi (700bar)
  • with Mini Oil Lubricator
6ft Air Hose included