Hydraulic Tube Expander 7 Lever Tubing Expanding Swaging Kit HVAC 3/8"-1-1/8"

Item#: CT-300A
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Lever action Expander Tool Set does the same job a swaging tool does without the hammering. 
  • * Only one side need to be welded. 
    * Manual hydraulic mechanism design can expand tubing from 10mm to 42mm diameter. 
    * Used for soft copper tube, Aluminum tube, Titanium tube, soft steel and other soft tube.
  • Specification
    For inch:3/8′、1/2′、5/8′、3/4′、7/8′、1"、1-1/8"O.D.
    Tubing Inner- outer Reamer:Zinc body,1/4′to1-5/8" O.D.tubing.
    Reams botn inside and outside edges of tubing. 
    Heavy duty Cutter:Aluminum alloy body for 1/4′to 2′.
  • Package Included
    1 x Hydraulic Tube Expander  
    1 x Tube Cutter 
    1 x Inner-outer Reamer
    7 x Expander Heads
    1 x  Enghlish User Manual