107pc Electrical Wire Twist Connector Cap With Spring Insert Assortment

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Item#: 107pcConnectorCap
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  • Save time & money on wiring projects by keeping selection of high-quality wire nuts on hand
  • Wire nuts with spring inserts securely connect two or more wires without soldering or special tools
  • Most-common gauge-sizes for wiring, audio/video, automotive hobby projects color coded (see desc)
  • Excellent quality - made in Taiwan; clear-view case with latched lid keeps all pieces organized
  • Outstanding value; 107 wire nuts for price of handful at hardware store - plus save yourself a trip!
  • Includes (WireGauge Range x Height / Width / Inner Diameter in mm):
  • 22-16 x 15.2/8.6/6.7 22 pcs
  • 22-14 x 17.6/9.8/7.4 14 pcs
  • 22-14 x22/12.3/9.9 20 pcs
  • 22-14 x 22/12/9.9 16 pcs
  • 22-14 x 24.5/14/11 10 pcs
  • 22-14 x 17.6/9.8/7.4 25 pcs
  • Convenient re-sealable plastic case

Assortment of popular twist on connectors with spring insert fit a variety of electrical applications and are sealed in a convenient partitioned re-sealable plastic box for safe-keeping. Three different types of washers in this set.